Are UV Lights a Viable Option for Boca Raton, FL?

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Please note that this policy may change as the SEC manages SEC, gov to ensure that the website works efficiently and remains available to all users. For the purposes of this work, methods for field tests on surfaces inoculated with viruses were maintained in order to analyze and comparatively evaluate the effectiveness of UV bulbs used in different prototypes. This is because there was a lot of variability in dosage and effectiveness between different UV sources. As testing standards, UV field validation methods, and UV sources improve, UV could become a more viable option for increasing decontamination in some applications. Testing virus-inoculated glass was a late decision during testing, increasing the likelihood of UV penetration from multiple angles to demonstrate that UV rays were capable of eliminating most dry viruses exposed to 8 log10. UV rays have the potential to increase current practices to limit the spread of enveloped viruses, but they cannot and should not replace normal cleaning and hygiene practices or air filtration and ventilation. UV sources also differ and include mercury (Hg), krypton chloride (KrCl), xenon (Xe), and several light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which vary in wavelength, and there are several different manufacturers. The test chambers of portable device prototypes followed the same design as those of 18 and 35 W devices, with an additional wooden barrier that eliminated the need to use cardboard to prevent premature UV exposure of test coupons when materials were outside the UV chamber. UV lights are different from purifiers or air filters: instead of attacking dust and dander like air purifiers do, germicidal UV lights are made to kill mold spores and other harmful bacteria that would otherwise be in the air.

SS304 was initially used for testing and was later replaced by quartz glass in one case, as it allows for greater UV transmittance to maximize surface area exposed to UV rays and is similar to how air particles would be exposed at all angles to direct or reflect UV rays. They were designed so that UV source was 5 cm above surface of test coupon, prevent UV reflection, and allow coupons be inserted into apparatus through sliding tray for specific period of time of virus inactivation and then quickly removed (Figures 3A). An UV light puts you at ease because harmful bacteria die before they can affect you or your family. The plastic cap was removed from Petri dish before exposure to UV rays, and plate was wide enough that its edges did not prevent transmission of UV rays. The UV test results here also showed that high doses of UV are needed to inactivate enveloped viruses protected by environmental waste, and porous materials are difficult to decontaminate, particularly compared with purified virus alone. When used in conjunction with other Kings Electric & indoor air quality services, a UV light for air conditioning or heating can help you keep system as efficient and healthy as possible. However, availability of UV LEDs has been limited and UV doses can also be limiting depending on manufacturer, model & electronics & overall design of any given device.

No matter what type of bacteria you're trying trying avoid, an UV light may be wise choice for you. Variability in UV devices is wide & includes differences in electronics, UV sources, power & product designs.

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